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Breathe Persephone

By Taybrook Mills

unmeasured complexities


the unbridled messages of


perseving persephone

Her hallowed flesh

tainted by factories

spewed forth

due north

to become the air we breath

our existences


through gluttony

The blood we see

transfered via checking

to a master's degree

a room for three

dollar tree

Food on the corner

brought here

have no fear

from some other border


The ease

with which we order


Hunting, gathering, disorder

drive-thru discordant denoter:

drove dozens of days departed

down dismal driveways

deceased decelerate;

decimaled decerebrate


sold on the black market

for quarters

of millions

of dollars

to fill the pithless holes

of the non-martyrs

their stolen organs

enabling their lust for

other's daughters

who bothers?

abducted and married away

on new altars

Without natural selection

we trade resurrection

for biology

Tree for technology

A methodology

one where nobody falters

The human race

bloats up

a tank full of otters

i mean

sea manatees

with collars

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