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Stories to Read When You're Bored and the Moon is Out or Not

By Taybrook Mills 01 Unfortunately, Wilfred did not know she was stepping on a blue ringed octopus. The tide pool was particularly warm, and the starfish she held was gently sucking on her palm. Wilfred thought that she would like to name him Zany. When started school again next year she would ask the fifth grade teacher if he could be the class pet. Unable to escape under the weight of Wilfred’s foot, the blue-ringed octopus reached his poisoned beak into the soft flesh of h

The City Also Falls

The City also Falls by Taybrook Mills In the morning the sun rises. The hills are for a moment set a flame as they are touched by this light. In the moments before this light comes, Aruna does sun salutations atop the crest of a mountain. The sun begins to hit him and he continues the motions with his eyes closed. The moment the light has fully enveloped him he opens his eyes, but he knows something dreadful is coming. Aruna dresses as a sun worshipper. Soon the light is too

The Fall of the Küng of Europa, Düxia

By Taybrook Mills In the end it may have been The War that did it. Or The Putrification System. Regardless, The Massive Death, the overwhelming stench of The Massive Death, filled the lungs of the whole country swimming like some great beast out of the air, down over their tongues and through their veins it squeezed itself, filling their very being with the animalistic nature of their human bodies, letting itself be pumped into their blood, and finally pumped, pumped into the

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