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The Fall of the Küng of Europa, Düxia

Updated: May 16, 2018

By Taybrook Mills

In the end it may have been The War that did it. Or

The Putrification System. Regardless, The Massive Death, the overwhelming

stench of The Massive Death, filled the lungs of the whole country swimming

like some great beast out of the air, down over their tongues and through

their veins it squeezed itself, filling their very being with the

animalistic nature of their human bodies, letting itself be pumped into

their blood, and finally pumped, pumped into their groins. It may have been

that all of the men, off to war, and subsequently dying, left their useless

bodies, and returned to the instinct that most freely possessed them, but

the lust of the massive orgy that filled Europa paralleled the war being

fought to defend the very nature of their desire, the resources of the flesh

of the Earth. It must have been The Putrification System, that really

desired it, its lust for the bodies in the end. Without it Duxai, Kung of

Europa never would have taken the Blak Forest, and fed it to the vile

machine. It was really his lust for power, to conquer, to stand atop a hill

and stare into a valley of deathbringers, row after row of Trebuchets and

Catapults, all built by The Putrification System, and the new machines that

they never knew existed, seemingly invented by the great System itself,

Gravediggers and Corpse Launchers, Gatherer Builders, The Burning Death, to

stand and order the columns of men to bring these machines to kill their

brothers. They did not know it then, how could they have ever known! That

the machines were alive. It was only much later that the elder generations

began speaking of daemonic possession, realizing much too late the inherent

life that was in The Putrification System, it's organic parasitification,

the way it decomposed the materials to create bringers of pain, only things

that brought death... it ate what had been alive, and defecated machines of

terror. Living machines that knew no other instinct, no other desire than

the taste for human flesh. The Kung never revealed the origin of The

Putrification System, it did that in it's own time, of course. His armies,

or as should be said, the daemon machines that lived only for death, brought

that death in a sweeping plague, like a putrid scythe through wheat. It was

only after his victory that the Kung, ready to inhabit his newly found land,

saw that there was nothing left to be had.

In it's wake, The Putrification System, as it

inhabits all that it creates, consumed every last resource that it

encountered, driving the soldiers like slaves chained to a locomotive. It

was only afterwards, when one cavalry division returned, led by Captain

Monroe Price, that the Kung learned of the true nature of the machines. The

Captain told of the brilliant manner of the machines, and the efficiency

with which they dealt death. As easily as a Raven may crow, they destroyed

whole cities of men and at the burning sound of their tortured wheels armies

would flee in terror. After a successful battle they passed through an entire

forest, where the true craftsmanship of the Gatherer Builders could be seen;

they felled trees as no man could and ground them into new ammunition and

parts to repair and give birth to new death. Upon leaving the forest, in

glancing back, Captain Price saw that replacing the forest was a sea of

stumps, stretching further than the eye could see. This news must have

reached their enemies. for there were times, the Captain recalled, where

they would crest a hill only to find an abandoned battlefield, banners

drunkenly swaying in the wind amongst piles of weapons and armor. In the

distance vast clouds of men could be seen fleeing, slowly drifting over a

sky of dirt. As they approached their fleeing enemies the Captain could see

that piles of men had been trampled, seemingly by their own troops in an

effort to escape. It was in this field of corpses that Captain Monroe Price

first saw the Gravediggers, though now, he recalls the name to be quite

inappropriate. Traveling in a vast herd of war machines, greater than that

of the bison of the plains, Captain Price had grown accustomed to the

enormity of the deathbringers, and they shade they brought. As they marched

through the field of death, he felt a shadow as great as night fall upon his

head, and his horse became so uneasy he had great difficulty in all his

mastery to calm it. A massive hill of wood and machinery lumbered past their

position, for what seemed to be an hour. At its base a massive rake scraped

endless bodies from the floor into the inner workings of the mechanism. It

passed, a great maneater, with no graves in its wake. It passed on in the

distance, a giant beetle, scouring the earth for food. It was after this

that Corpse Launchers and The Burning Death appeared. The Captain

apologizing to Kung Duxai said that his memories become fragmented at this

point, and though a hardened man, terror had found purchase in his heart.

Approaching the Capital, the sound of crowds of men moaning overhead wafted

by, and a great cloud of bodies filled the sky, catapulted by the machines

over the fortified walls. Screams of terror and grief sprung up, carried over

vast distances by the wind as if spreading the news of a successful

propaganda. As they neared a new sound, the shrieking wail of banshees was

heard and vast showers of flame rained down onto the fortresses surrounding

the capital. It could be seen on the ramparts great quantities of men

engulfed in flame, grabbing their unburnt brothers in an embrace of death.

The soldiers of Europa whispered later that the very corpses thrown over the

walls came to life at the touch of flame and spread the purging fire to all

living, thus The Burning Death. The night dissolved into flaming carnage and

great anxiety of war. As the sun rose on the next day, the black mark of

flame was written on all the land, and it was if they had somehow been

spared by their allegiance to the daemonic machines. The Captain realized

very quickly however, that they were of the few survivors. As soon as he

awoke he noticed that the machines had already begun to move out. Captain

Price had been informed that the Capital had been their objective, and

decided to question the General concerning his new orders. Quickly circling

the Army on horseback he could see Gravediggers moving, but no men manning

any other machines, they seemed to be possessed towards their own purpose.

Unable to accept this, Captain Monroe Price told the Kung, he approached the

closest Grave Digger. Surely, he thought, the crew running this behemoth has

been given direction. On approaching it his horse once again began to grow

quite restless, and in a flash bucked the Captain to the floor and galloped

to a distance of 200 meters from the Gravedigger. Regaining his breath

Captain Price approached the machine and circled it, only to find one pipe

on the side that he was able to climb. Disregarding the way the crew must

enter he began climbing its great exterior. Several times he was nearly

thrown off, and when he finally reached the top, found no entrance upon

which he could approach the crew. As he sat atop the great hill of a

machine, a hideous machine approached the Gravedigger. It's twisted frame

resembled that of a bramble wound tightly into a demented spring. When it

was several meters away it stopped and the roof that the Captain was

standing on began to tilt towards the machine. Beneath him the roof of the

Gravedigger began to open letting out the rancid smell of decaying flesh. In

an attempt to avoid a fall to his death, Captain Price tumbled into the

bowels of the machine and found himself a top a pile of corpses. Upon his

cheek he felt the soft squirming of a mouth filled with maggots and leapt to

his feet more quickly than he fell. Inside the machine was a supreme

darkness, and Captain Price could hear a deep voice, reverberating and

echoing in a way no man's could, with a heavy breath. It chuckled and seemed

to mock him as he stood in terror at his position. The machine continued to

tip and the Captain was forced to do a mad jig to avoid the bodies that

would smother him. He could feel the presence of a another being surrounding

him, and all of the hairs on his body stood at stark attention. Filled with

the stench of rot and smothered by the Daemonic presence, Captain price was

only driven out of shock by the view of the smaller twisted machine below.

Scrambling atop the cascading bodies Captain Price leapt upwards to grip the

opposite lip of the opening as he watched a mountain of bodies pour into the

war machine below. He hung in the balance, a river of bodies feeding the

lesser machine as a mother bird might regurgitate for her young. As the

machine began to tip up right again Captain Price admitted to Kung Duxai

that he slipped and fell into the pile of bodies below. Cushioned by their

soft, bloated flesh, Captain Price was unharmed, and madly returned to his

horse and rode straight to his men at their camp. It was then that he

realized the true nature of the machines, Daemons, inhabiting them, fed off

of the land and the dead bodies of fallen men. Already more than half of the

machines had embarked, and being a stern commander, Captain Price needed to

provide no explanation to his men when he ordered them to return home with


Most taken aback by the Captain's telling, Kung Duxai of

Europa explained that this was grave news indeed, and that his story was

much different, though probably led by the same Daemons. The Putrification

System, perhaps bored with death and the making of it, began gathering most

precious minerals from the Earth to manufacture great statues of grotesque

beauty. Statues of power, that emanated the most powerful energy the Kung

had ever felt. They were placed in the courtyards of the great cities of

Europa, and brought great feelings of affection to all of the people. In the

town of Liliks, the Kung recalled, he presented the opening of one such

statue. With much ado, he had his servants remove a plush velvet covering in

front of the crowds of women gathered there, since all of the men were

engaged in war. The Statue was enormous, over ten meters high, of a several

beautiful women intertwined in such a way that no body part belonged to any

of them, and they all belonged to each other. It seemed to glow with another

worldly light, that cast a bright and youthful glow on the faces of the

women, though, the Kung admitted that there was a certain lust in their eyes

that could not be denied. And at that the entire crowd began to writhe and

squirm, like a pile of snakes in spring. The Kung stared in fascination from

the stage beside the statue as the women of the town began to rip the

clothes from each other's bodies, making their new skin their true skin. As

the carnal frenzy increased the Kung's foot nearly slipped from the stage

and he realized that he had been edging forward ever so slightly, until he

hung over the orgy of bodies below. Shaken from the enchantment he quickly

gathered what servants he could, and returned to the capital, pleased at the

success of his gift to the town of Liliks. Every town is like this now, he

explained to Captain Price, at both midday and midnight, great crowds of

women will gather and pleasure each other in the glowing light of the

statues of The Putrification System. The Putrification System, the Kung went

on, even went so far as to make me my own personal statue, would you like to

see it Captain Price?

Gatherer Builder - Micah Nelson
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